Roland RD-300NX Review

By Keith / September 19, 2017





Sound Quality


Build Quality

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    Number of Keys: 88
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    Weighted Scaled Hammer Action: Ivory Feel-G Keyboard with Escapement
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    Polyphony: 128
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    Accessories Included: Damper Pedal

We Like

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    Exceptional sound quality even at loud volumes
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    The piano looks good and professional
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    Portable and easy to set up

We Don't Like

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    Very Pricey
Roland RD-300NX Digital Piano Musical Instruments

The Roland RD-300NX is one of the best digital pianos we’ve review.  The feel is exceptional, the sound quality is off the charts, and it’s portability make it perfect for traveling professionals.

This piano looks sleek.  There are lots of buttons and controls, but they looks good.  The piano looks good and it looks professional.  There isn’t really anything more to add.

The feel of the Roland RD-300NX is nearly perfect.  Roland has obviously spent a lot of time working to make the feel of their upper end models as good as possible.  The keys feel very close to a real piano and the weighted action is about as good as it gets.

Like the feel, the sound is nearly perfect.  The sound is crystal clear and still sounds great even at louder volumes.  There is no “tin sound and we can’t really ask for much more from a digital piano’s sound.

This piano’s best use seems to be for professional who are constantly moving their instrument from gig to gig.  It weighs in at about 38 lbs and can be set up very easily.  Coupled with a foldable piano stand, there isn’t really anything more a professional on the move can ask for.  The sound quality is exceptional, the feel is nearly perfect and overall, this is a great instrument.  There isn’t much more to say.  If you have the money to spend on this digital piano, you will not be disappointed.


  • The piano is great for professionals who are constantly on the move and is very easy to set up for gigs
  • The sound quality even at loud volumes


  • It's a very pricey piece of equipment and should be considered an investment
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