Korg SP170S Review

By Keith / September 21, 2017





Sound Quality


Build Quality

Korg SP170 Features:

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    Number of Keys: 88
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    Weighted Scaled Hammer Action:  Natural Weighted Hammer Action
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    Polyphony: 120 (60 for stereo mode)
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    Accessories Included: Sustain Pedal and Music Stand
Korg SP170S 88 Key Digital Piano

The Korg SP170S is lightweight, sleek and stylish.  It’s minimal design will fit right in in any modern minimalist designed rooms.  This digital piano features only 4 buttons: one being the power button, one being the volume knob, one being the sound button which switches the tone, and the piano button which switches the tone directly back to piano.  There is no LCD screen, though there aren’t enough features/options to make the lack of a screen a hindrance.

The feel of this digital piano is exceptional.  The Natural Weighted Hammer Action created by Korg is spot on.  Korg has nailed it with their innovation.  Many have raved about the near perfect feel of this model.  The feel does not get much closer to a real piano.

There are a limited number of tones included, making this piano targeted more towards professional pianists looking for a portable instrument.  In addition to the few tones, there are a limited number of features.  The sound quality is clear and powerful.  There are little to no tin sound or ringing that often comes with digital piano speakers.

There is no USB port, but there are midi ports which can be more powerful if used in combination with the right software.  Though many people don’t have midi cables.  There are two headphone jacks which are helpful for a student and instructor or a student and parent.


  • The feel of this digital piano is exceptional and feels like a real piano
  • The sound quality is clear and powerful


  • A three pedal attachment will not work with this piano
  • This piano doesn’t come with a stand. Though given its main use, portability, this is understandable. Pick up a cheap, foldable $25 stand if you really need one.
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