Casio LK175 Review

By Keith / September 19, 2017





Sound Quality


Build Quality

Casio LK175 Features:

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    Number of Keys: 61
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    Weighted Scaled Hammer Action: None
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    Polyphony: 48
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    Accessories Included: Stand and Headphones

We Like

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    Great piano for beginners
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    Includes over 100 songs with their lighted key features

We Don't Like

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    Too many holiday songs included
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    Keys don't feel like a real piano
LK175 PPK 61-Key Lighted Key Premium Keyboard

On the surface, the Casio LK175 looks to be any ordinary keyboard.  It has 61 standard sized keys, a power button, a volume switch, and a number of other standard buttons used for changing between instruments.  Once you get into it, this keyboard is unique.  It is one of the few keyboards that offers lighted keys to help new users learn to play the piano.  The lighted key feature is very effective at helping beginners get started.  More on this feature below.

The LK175 is an average keyboard.  They keys are lightweight and plastic.  They don’t feel anything like a real piano or a higher end digital piano.  The speakers do their job, but lack the full sound of a mid to high range model.  The two speakers are a bit on the small size at 2 watts, but the sound is clear and sounds pretty good.  Just don’t turn the speaker to full volume or else you’ll get some rattling.

This keyboard really shines when it comes to the lighted key feature.  This keyboard comes with nearly 100 songs which have the lighted key feature included.  With these songs, the user can turn the lighted keys on, slow down the song, and follow along with each hand.  As the user gets more familiar with the song, they can speed up the tempo.  Once they’ve reached the point where they know the song, they can turn off the lighted keys and impress their friends.  This feature really is awesome and is great for beginners.  We do have two minor complaints about this feature.  First is that the song selection has too many holiday songs.  The second is that only four keys can light up at the same time.  This is enough for a beginner to get started, but most songs require more than 4 keys at some point during the song.


  • The piano feels wonderful. Korg has really nailed it with their Real Weighted Hammer Action 3 (RH3).  Lower toned keys require a heavier touch and progressively get easier as you move up the register.
  • The sound quality and feel are exceptional


  • The headphones included with the pack aren’t really good.  They are very cheap, don’t sound that good, and don’t last.
  • The lighted key feature is awesome, but it only works for a maximum of 4 keys at a time. This is enough to get started, but a higher maximum concurrent lighted keys would have pushed this keyboard into the best of the best.
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