Casio CTK-2300 Review

By Keith / September 19, 2017





Sound Quality


Build Quality

Casio CTK-2300 Features:

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    Number of Keys: 61
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    Weighted Scaled Hammer Action: None
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    Polyphony: 48
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    Accessories Included: Headphones, Keyboard Stand, and Power Supply

We Like

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    Lightweight and stores easily
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    Includes 400 voices & 150 rhythms

We Don't Like

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    The headphones, stand and power supply are not of great quality
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    Functions better as a toy than an instrument
Casio CTK-2300 61-Key Personal Keyboard

Lacking the weighted scaled hammer action, with its plastic keys and a price around $100, the Casio CTK-2300 is an entry level digital keyboard.  Those in search of a functional cheap electric keyboard with lots of tones and rhythms have found a great match in this model.  It should be noted that the CTK-2300 is sometimes sold as a stand-alone keyboard.  But for another (roughly) $20, you can pick up a set of headphones, a power supply and a keyboard stand.  The power supply and the keyboard stand make it well worth the extra money; the headphones are just bonus.

This 61 key keyboard is not a piece of furniture as some more expensive digital pianos are.  This model is lightweight, under 10 lbs, and the stand is easily folded up for storage.  The user interface is straightforward, with a decent amount of appropriately labeled buttons and a black and white screen showing the current configuration.  There are number voices, about 400, and there are about 150 rhythms and auto accompaniments.

The feel of the CTK-2300 does not replicate the feel of a real piano, though it is not intended to.  This is not intended to be a musical instrument. Rather it is intended to be a toy or a cheap way for parents to begin to expose their children to music.  The speakers sound as expected for the cost.  They replicate the different tones appropriately, but lack a rich and full sound.

If you are looking to introduce your child to music or have a fun toy to play with occasionally, this is for you.  If you are looking to take lessons or are looking for an instrument to practice on, you should look elsewhere.


  • Works well as a toy or as an introduction to music
  • Contains a lot of sound effects and rhythms


  • The headphones, stand and power supply are not of great quality. Other consumers have reported issues with the headphones and power supply not functioning properly.
  • This is not an appropriate model for those looking to get into playing the piano.
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